In an effort to encourage our members to play in our Virtual Club games, we will be reducing the card fees of our Sunday and Friday games to 4 BB$. Please sign in and play! For partnership information see below.

There has also been some confusion regarding the Monday afternoon game at Soul Sanctuary. This game is open to all players with less than 2000 masterpoints. If there are enough 0-199 players to warrant a separate section, we will have 2 sections. For partnerships, contact Dave at (204)255-5823 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are aware that over the course of the last year and a half, many of you have found or arranged free games with friends on BBO or at someone's home. Some of you have also begun to play in Virtual Club games from other clubs. But please be aware that Bridge Manitoba cannot continue to operate indefinitely without your support. If you care about our club, please show it by playing. If you are ready to come to an in-person game, but don't have a partner, please contact the appropriate person listed below and they will find one for you. If you are not ready to come out, please support us by playing in our virtual games. If you need a partner for those games, again please contact the appropriate person listed below and they will find one for you. Our current weekly game schedule is as follows:


Live games at Soul:


Time Type(s) of game Partnership contact
Monday 12:15 Restricted 0-2000 Dave (204)255-5823 or Shirley (204)390-4083
Tuesday 12:15 Open/0-199 Pairs; Bill (431)337-5328
Wednesday  12:15 Open/0-99 Pairs, mini-lesson by Doug Fisher at 11:30 Liliane (204)955-2253(text) or Deloris (204)795-4361
Wednesday 7:15pm Open Swiss Teams Bill (431)337-5328
Thursday 12:15 Open/0-199 Pairs, mini-lesson by Bill Treble at 11:30 Bill (431)337-5328
Saturday 12:30 Open Swiss Teams Deloris (204)795-4361 or Marielle (204)231-6021

Virtual Club games (4 BB$):


Time Type(s) of game Partnership contact
Fridays 12:00 Open Pairs Gloria (204)995-2423
Sundays 12:00 Open Pairs Liliane (204)955-2253(text) 
Mondays 6:30pm 0-199 Pairs Bill (431)337-5328
Mondays 7:00pm Open Pairs Bill (431)337-5328

Please note that if there are insufficient table counts for the afternoon 0-199 sections, it may be necessary to combine the two sections.

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