The present board of directors was elected in May of 2019 at the last AGM held by Unit 181 of the ACBL.

I want to thank all of the board who stayed on through a rather troubling time in our history.

Soul Sanctuary has been exceptionally understanding of our plight through these times. When we were unable to hold games, they charged us only for a storage fee for our equipment. When we restarted, they reduced our rent substantially due to our low numbers.

The Covid 19 pandemic brought Face to Face bridge to a halt early in 2020. The result was the formation of a multitude of virtual games. Bridge via the computer. Many people still wanted to play bridge.

There was no Face to Face bridge for more than two years.

In April 2022 we restarted Face to Face bridge at Soul Sanctuary with live games Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, with mixed results. Clearly some players have taken to the convenience of the virtual games, and others are still hesitant to congregate with others in a closed environment.

Soul Sanctuary is in my opinion the finest facility for bridge this city has had.

Without the support of more of our players, we will not be able to continue to play out of Soul Sanctuary.

Bridge is a social game, and for me that is what makes the game so enjoyable. I have met so many interesting and wonderful people from all over through Face to Face bridge.

We need players to support our bridge centre in order for it to survive.


Doug Fisher

President Unit 181 ACBL

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