2021 Board Members

SHIRLEY GALLER 204-390-4083
JOHN HINDLE 204-782-6622
RAY HORNBY 204-996-0025
DELORIS ANKROM 204-795-4361
MARSHA KIMELMAN 204-487-6194
GERRI HEWITT 204-894-7249
DAVID KIRBY 204-489-7649
DAVE WEST 204-255-5823
GLORIA WOLOSHYN 204-694-6039



Minutes of the Board Meetings and the date for the next Board Meeting can be found under Board Matters.  All members are welcome to attend.


Our Unit goals are to:

a)    increase attendance at all bridge games

b)    develop bridge skills

c)    increase membership


We are trying to accomplish this through:

a)   our mentoring program (costs about $1,500)

b)    subsidizing many special games/events such as the NAPs, Rookie/ Master games, CNTCs, etc. (subsidized about $1,500)

c)    our newcomers program  (costs about $1,500)

d)    subsidizing travel to Canadian special event (subsidized about $5,000)

e)    keeping tournament game fees reasonable while having really good hospitality, like our free lunches at tournaments

f)     Our Saturday unit game, run by volunteers

Our main fundraisers bring in about $12,000.  The Sectionals bring in $1-$2000 each (except for the January Polar Bear one).  The last 2 regionals brought in $3000 - $6000.  Our Saturday unit games bring in about $5,000.  This is all through volunteer efforts.  Our unit expenses run about $15,000 so we usually break even after receiving our share of membership due from the ACBL.  

Our Saturday unit games raise extra money for travel to special events.  This money is distributed by a formula to those individuals (not teams) who have helped raise this money through significant volunteer support or sufficient Saturday game attendance.

Many excellent players volunteer their time to assist with pre game lessons, coaching developing players during the game and organizing the game.  Thank you to all volunteers.