Unit 181 held its Annual General Meeting last Saturday. Approximately 30 members attended. Details of the meeting, including a listing of our new board, can be found in the meeting minutes under "Board Matters" on our website. To view our President's Report, Click here


Save the date! Bridge Manitoba is planning a 4-day Regional this fall! Games will run from Wednesday, September 25th through Saturday, September 28th. More details to follow.

Just a reminder regarding director calls at our games... when you request that a director come to your table, regardless of how you may be feeling at the time, please do not shout out in an annoyed tone "DIRECTOR!". Instead, simply raise your hand and say in a clear, calm voice, "Director, please". Keep in mind that our directors work very hard before, during, and after each game, and we could not run our games or tournaments without them. They deserve our respect and appreciation.

Our North American Pairs (NAP) qualifiers will begin in June and run throughout August. The following is our June schedule:
Monday, June 3 - Kirkfield Westwood
Thursday, June 6 - Lorraine's Bridge Club
Wednesday, June 19 - Bridge Manitoba
For more information regarding the NAPs, click here.

In addition, Bill will be running club championships at Lorraine's games on Thursday, May 23rd and 30th.

Finally, the Monday night KW 0-199er virtual game will be cancelled effective immediately.  For those who want to play online, there is a Grand Forks-Grafton online game (VACB127027) that has the same start time of 6:30 and consists mostly of players with 0-300 masterpoints, as well as an Ambassador Stratified Open online game (VACB246488) Tuesdays at noon.