Minutes of Meetings



Present: Unit 181 Board Members: Shirley Galler, Doug Fisher, Deloris Ankrom, Liliane Tremblay, Barry Wolk, Dave West, Marsha Kimelman
Absent: Dave Kirby, Gloria Woloshyn, Ray Hornby, John Hindle, Gerri Hewitt, Marielle Brentnall
Also in attendance Bill Treble

Meeting held at Soul Sanctuary President Doug Fisher chaired the meeting. Called to order 5.15 PM

1. Minutes of Meeting Sept 30, 2021 approved as printed Moved by Deloris Ankrom, Seconded Dave West Carried
Added to the Agenda
Game Starting Time
Bidding Boxes
Sunday Virtual Game

2. Soul Sanctuary have agreed to a monthly rent reduction of 50%, Doug will meet with Allison to ensure that this arrangement will continue as we build up our table counts

3. Review of Live Games to date Went over the counts of our live game participation in the first 4 weeks. We will continue to promote this and will add to next meeting agenda.
Discussed the starting time of our games as requested by some of our members from 12.15PM to 12.30PM Board decision was to keep starting time at 12.15PM Main reason was the Rush Hour Traffic encountered at the end of the game.
Bidding boxes are currently moving with the players from table to table. Requests to cease this practice have been requested. Board decision was to have boxes remain on the table they started with.

4. Virtual Games will continue to be available KW Monday Evening 2 games, Friday Afternoon continues and Sunday will be held suggested starting time 1.30 PM to be directed by Gloria.

Next meeting Wednesday November 24,2021 5.00 PM Soul Sanctuary

Meeting adjourned 6.00 PM Moved Liliane Tremblay, Seconded Marsha Kimelman. Carried.

Shirley Galler, Secretary .

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