Minutes of Meetings




In Attendance:  Doug Fisher, Shirley Galler, Ray Hornby, Jenna Tichon, Freddie Mykytyshyn, Brian Robinson, Marsha Kimelman, Bob Todd, Liliane Tremblay, Debbie Gnoinski, Gong Wei, Gim Ong, Gord Pippy, Dave West, Walter Deido, Susanne McCarthy, Leigh Anne Shafer, Allan Finkle. Dave Shefford, Roman Puzant, Bill Treble, Marielle Brentnall

Meeting called to order 11.10AM

Doug Fisher presented the Ace of Clubs Certificates and the Mini Mckenny Medals for the 3 years 2019, 2020, 2021

Minutes of last AGM May 12,2019 were published on the Web Site. Moved by Bob Todd, Seconded by Dave West were accepted as published. Carried.

President’s report:  President Doug Fisher who remained in this capacity for the entire Covid Pandemic gave an impassioned report covering the 3 years past and the present state of Bridge in Manitoba. Doug was instrumental in negotiating reduced rent at Soul Sanctuary. Copy of report is attached to these minutes. President’s report moved by Ray Hornby, Seconded by Marielle Brentnall. Carried.

Financial Report. Ray Hornby presented his report covering the 3 years 2019,2020,2021
Highlights That the statements show a profit for the year 2019 this was a full functioning year with Tournaments etc, 2020 and 2021 were just years that were at breakeven positions
Report moved by Freddie Mykyshyn, Seconded by Marielle Brentnall Carried.

Membership Report.  Shirley Galler presented a recap of the 3 years 2019, 2020,2021

Highlights were the drop in membership from 396 in 2018 to 320 as of June 1, 2022 and sadly we lost 39 members during this time period.  A moment of silence was observed.

Copy of report attached. 

Report moved by Ray Hornby, seconded by Debbie Gnoinski Carried

Election of Board of Directors Officers for the year 2022

Marielle Brentnall then presented the slate of officers

The Unit 181 Bylaws state there can be 6-12 members serving on the Board of Directors

Currently 9 have agreed to serve

Board Members can be installed at any time during the year.  If interested, please contact one of the active board members for information


2022 List in alphabetical order:


Deloris Ankrom
Marielle Brentnall
Doug Fisher
Shirley Galler
Gerri Hewitt
Ray Hornby
Marsha Kimelman
Dave West
Gloria Woloshyn

Moved by Bob Todd, Seconded Jenna Tichon Carried


All 9 have previously served on the board during the years 2019. 2021, 2022.

Thanks to Dave Kirby, Liliane Tremblay, John Hindle and Bob Kuz who served as Board Members in the years 2019,2020,2021

Other business:

Thanks were given to Marsha Kimelman for all her endeavours in organizing Online bridge during the Pandemic, also for her Website postings mass e mails etc

Freddie thanked all the Board Members for their dedication to the Unit.  He also specifically stated that Doug Fisher provided leadership to the board, and also he successfully negotiated the rental agreement with Soul Sanctuary to enable our club to still be operatable.


Meeting adjourned, at 11.55 A.M. Moved by Dave West, Seconded Jenna Tichon. Carried


Shirley Galler



A Covid Friendly lunch of Individually Packed Sandwiches, Bagged Potato Chips and Water or Pop was served. 


A Team Game followed



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