Minutes of Meetings




Present: Unit 181 Board Members:  Shirley Galler, Deloris Ankrom, Marsha Kimelman, Ray Hornby, Gloria Woloshyn, Marielle Brentnall, Gerri Hewitt. Doug Fisher, Dave West

Also in Attendance Bill Treble Paulette Desaulniers

Meeting held via Zoom

 Vice President Marsha Kimelman called the meeting to order at 4.02 PM President Ray Hornby chaired the meeting at 4.10 PM


1.      Minutes of Meeting July 18, 2022 approved as printed Moved by Doug Fisher, Seconded Gloria Woloshyn Carried


2.     Update on October Sectional Tournament October 21-22, 2022 – Sanction received, Fliers Printed, available online and at the club Distribution of fliers will be made to out of town clubs and surrounding districts. Slightly reduced master points will be awarded.  Len Doerksen will direct all games.  Pre registration is encouraged to enable lunch preparation, etc.  Covid restrictions apply.


3.     Financial Report Interim report received.  Ray will turn over the books to Marielle September 1st. Our  table counts have not come back to pre Covid  attendance.


4.     NAP District Final This game will be held over 2 days, Sat and Sun we have suggested the Dates of November 5-6 would be ideal for Unit 181. The final will be a Proctored event.  A combination of Face to Face and BBO.  Further information will be forthcoming.


5.     Wednesday Director for Unit Face to Face Game will be Dave West


6.     Lessons, Supervised Play and Learn How to Play Bridge This will be a coordinated task. Tentative date September 17, at Soul Sanctuary for Learn how to Play Bridge Lessons to begin after September 17 and Supervised Play schedule will be published. Bill Treble will teach a more advanced course of lessons info and schedule will be available shortly


7.     Facility Updates Proof of Vaccine required, masks optional, coffee will not be made available, players encouraged to bring their own.  We will provide some cookies and chips at the games. Technology any updates required will be made.  Sue will maintain the Dealer Machine


8.     Pooling of Virtual Games with Regina, Saskatoon etc is anticipated to begin early September. This will mean larger table competition.


9.     Next meeting Monday September 19,2022 4.00 PM via Zoom


Meeting adjourned 5.45 PM Moved Gloria Woloshyn, Seconded Marsha Kimelman Carried


Shirley Galler, Secretary







































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