Minutes of Meetings




Present: Unit 181 Board Members:  Shirley Galler, Deloris Ankrom, Marsha Kimelman, Ray Hornby, Gloria Woloshyn, Gerri Hewitt. Dave West


Regrets Marielle Brentnall, Doug Fisher


Meeting held via Zoom


  President Ray Hornby chaired the meeting at 4.05 PM

1.      Minutes of Meeting August 22, 2022 approved as printed Moved by Deloris Ankrom, Seconded Dave West Carried


2.     Update on October Sectional Tournament October 21-22, 2022 – Hospitality is arranged  Pre registration is encouraged to enable lunch preparation, etc.  Covid restrictions apply. Telephone blitz will occur prior Jackie Meyers has volunteered to coordinate.


3.     Financial Report Interim report received.  Ray reported we are in a loss position for the year 2022 as of August 31, 2022, we required more attendance at our Face to Face games


4.     NAP District Final District 2 is finalizing dates, conditions etc. Qualified players will be included in the Telephone Blitz that will be conducted for our October Tournament to advise playing conditions. Updates will follow watch the web site.


5.     Lessons, Supervised Play, Learn How to Play Bridge, Mentoring - Learn how to Play Bridge was postponed new date will be November 19, 2022, Beginner Lessons to begin November 26, 2022, Supervised Play  to commence Tuesday September 20, 2022schedule  Bill Treble will teach an Intermediate  course of lessons info and schedule will be available shortly.  Mentoring is planned to new session January, 2023.


6.     Director Compensation for directing Unit 181 games was revisited.  New rates will apply.


7.     Pooling of Virtual Games with Regina, Saskatoon etc commenced early September. The Sask games are all restricted games.  Further updates at our next meeting.


8.     Next meeting Monday October 17,2022 4.00 PM via Zoom


Meeting adjourned 5.25 PM Moved Deloris Ankrom, Seconded Gloria Woloshyn Carried


Shirley Galler, Secretary




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