Minutes of Meetings




Present: Unit 181 Board Members:  Shirley Galler, Deloris Ankrom, Marsha Kimelman, Ray Hornby, Gloria Woloshyn, Gerri Hewitt. Dave West, Marielle Brentnall, Doug Fisher

Also, in attendance Bill Treble

Meeting held via Zoom
President Ray Hornby called to order at 4.10 PM

Items added to the agenda:
Tournament Schedule
Dealer Machine

1.      Minutes of Meeting October 17,2022 approved as printed Moved by Gerri Hewitt, Seconded Dave West Carried

2.      October Sectional Tournament held October 21-22, 2022 – first one held after the Covid shutdowns was a success, enjoyed by our members and provided the Unit with a profit. Thanks to the organizers and the members who attended.

3.     Financial Report Interim report received. Funds to be transferred to a GIC pending.

4.     NAP District Final held November 5, 2022, was played online

5.      Learn how to Play Bridge held November 19, 2022, had 52 attendees, was very successful and it was a well-received event. Surveys completed best out of 5 had 4-4’s and 44-5’s some improvements were suggested, and under the BEST category the notebook and John as presenter, Volunteers and the food. GENERAL COMMENTS category love to have an all-weekend crash course, and more seminars. BEST QUOTES category Exceeded my expectations. Absolutely fantastic overview of the complexities of the game, covered in a very simplified manner. I was astonished by the smoothness of flow, quality of food, and number of volunteers.  Simply amazing in every way. Board of Directors of Unit 181 thank all who made this event successful.

6.     Beginner Lessons by Jim and Keran will commence November 26, 2022

7.      Doug ordered 10 new tables. Still researching chair replacement feet covers.  Doug will check into covers for our tables that are still sturdy but have torn covers.

8.     Jose Tharayil Memorial was held Saturday October 29, 2022. With 14 tables in play. Donations for the Charity the family chose Adult and Teen Challenge were received.

9.     Dealer Machine Cleaning. Carlos cleaned the machine, supplied a list of supplies we need to maintain the cleaning process.  Freddie will purchase the supplies and will clean the machine once a month. Carlos suggested the main roller was wearing.  Marsha will research to purchase a standby replacement roller

10.   CBF are looking for volunteers for an Appeal’s Committee member. Contact Ray if there is an interest to volunteer.

11.   Tournament Schedule discussed.  We will not hold a Polar Bear Sectional in 2023, Tournament Schedule for 2023 will be on the next agenda

12.   Matters arising from our October Sectional.  An incident occurred at the Saturday Team Game.  Note there was no director call.  Matter was brought later to the attention of the organizing committee.  Unacceptable behaviour by one of our members was reported. This matter was dealt with by the President and an organizing member.  Player advised this is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

13.   Game Directors rulings There was an incident at a Bridge Manitoba Unit game where the Director was not shown respect and the ruling made was disputed.  Unit 181 will issue a policy where the director is to be shown respect and all rulings are final.

14.   Memorial Games Shirley will write up a suggested recommendation for running future games when requested.  This will be forwarded to the Board Members to review.

15.   Next meeting Monday January 9, 2023, 4.00 PM via Zoom


Meeting adjourned 5.30 PM Moved Marielle Brentnall, Seconded Doug Fisher Carried


Shirley Galler, Secretary

























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