Minutes of Meetings




Present: Unit 181 Board Members:  Shirley Galler, Deloris Ankrom, Marsha Kimelman, Ray Hornby, Gloria Woloshyn, Gerri Hewitt. Dave West, Doug Fisher


Regrets Marielle Brentnall


Also, in attendance Bill Treble, Paulette Desauliers


Meeting held via Zoom

Vice President Marsha Kimelman called to order at 4.07 PM


Items added to the agenda

Memorial Games


1.      Minutes of Meeting November 21, 2022, approved as printed Moved by Doug Fisher, Seconded Gerri Hewitt Carried


2.      Spring Sectional Paulette joined our meeting. Dates of April 14 to 16 2023 set pending Soul Sanctuary availability for April 16. Friday and Saturday Pair events Swiss Teams on Sunday. All information will be available on the web site after dates confirmation


3.     Social Event Date February 16, 2023, Thursday evening. Again, with Soul Sanctuary site being available. Simple Dinner will be catered. This is exciting as we have not been able to plan events such as this for 3 years.  All info will be available on our web site after date confirmation.


4.     Equipment Update.  Doug reported the purchase of 10 new tables has been completed.  Chair inserts company not available for orders until early summer.  Doug will follow up.  We received a donation of boards; bidding boxes and supplies not required by a non-profit club.  Marsha and Shirley will in early February do a clean-up of our cupboards and the storage area.


5.     Financial Report deferred to next meeting.


6.      Learn how to Play Bridge another session is planned for April 1, 2023.


7.     Beginner Lessons by Jim and Keran will commence April 15,


8.     Virtual Games We are currently pooling with Saskatoon. This has not proved to be advantageous so will pull out of some games effective February. Monday and Tuesday games will continue. Our Friday game will continue under the Unit's Virtual id.


9.     Mentorship Gerri will provide the board with suggested parameters for instituting a new program


10.   Vaccine mandate.  We will do a survey of our face to face games to inquire whether the vaccine requirement to attend should be lifted.


11.   Memorial Games Shirley wrote up a suggested format.  Will be discussed next meeting


12.   ACBL Sanction fees charged per table for sanctioned games have been increased.


13.   Next meeting Monday February 6, 2023, 4.00 PM via Zoom


Meeting adjourned 5.20 PM Moved Dave West, Seconded Gloria Woloshyn Carried


Shirley Galler, Secretary

























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