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Thu, 6 Dec 2018 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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New Members
Ernest Dias
Gloria Fenny
Suzan Greenberg
Margaret Meulendyk
Grant Thiessen
Jill Vogan

Other data not yet available
Updated November 13, 2018

Wow! Over 70%

John Hindle & Marielle Brentnall 72.22%
November 13/18 @ Bridge Manitoba BC
Maureen Lelond & Grant Thiessen 74.58%
November 06/18 @ Ambassador Bridge
Don Pearsons & Brian Dixon 73.56%
November 01/18 @ Lorraine's Club
John Hindle & Marielle Brentnall 71.11%
October 05/18 @ Bridge Manitoba BC
Carolyn Townley-Smith & Sylvia Philipps
74.77% September 18/18 @ Ambassador BC

Red River Regional

Manitoba players only


Top A Players
 Robert Kuz 60.54
 Allan Mowat 54.26
 William Treble 53.66
 David Sired 40.55
 Gim Ong 35.75

Top B Players (under 2000 MPs)
 Dale Klassen 29.44
 Tom Berger 27.40
 Sam McLean 24.05
 Gary Parker 24.05
 Adrienne Pearsons 19.28

Top C Players (under 500 MPs)
 Sam McLean 24.05
 Gary Parker 24.05
 Roman Puzant 15.31
 Mike Gillis 13.00
 Marsha Kimelman 12.96

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Special Events--Are they for me?

There are many special events throughout the year.  These events are usually for everyone and we'd encourage you to come and play in them.  Some require prequalification, some are specifically for new players, others for seniors so check out this section for more information.

Scoring, Flighting--How does it all work?

There are many events with different levels allowing players from all levels the ability to participate.  Understanding flights, stratas and all the bridge lingo can be confusing.  Check out this link for definitions or feel free to ask one of the board members or event planners for more information.  You can reach us as tournaments@bridgemanitoba.org