Player's Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for Unit 181 Bridge Players (approved by Board 2003-09-17)


Unit 181 serves bridge players in Southern Manitoba and is part of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). Unit 181 and Clubs are sanctioned by ACBL and adhere to the Laws, Rules and Regulations provided by them. The Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge Chapter VII deals with Proprieties and in particular Law 74 covers the Conduct and Etiquette expectations. The ACBL, our Unit and Clubs have adopted a Policy of Zero Tolerance towards undesirable behavior. These Rights and Responsibilities extend equally to all players, Directors and Managers, whether the game is played in a Unit or Club event.

The objective is to inform bridge players of their rights and responsibilities.

The goal is to maintain a pleasant atmosphere, as a friendly environment will encourage greater participation of players at Clubs and Unit events.

Bridge Players Rights:

1. To be treated fairly with courtesy and respect at all times.
2. To summon a Director whenever there is an irregularity, breach of these Rights or Zero Tolerance. The player calling for the Director speaks first. Each player has a right to be heard.
3. To receive an unbiased and fair ruling based on the ACBL Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge.
4. To appeal a ruling by a Director as provided by Law 92. The Director must inform players of their right to appeal a ruling. (Law 84E)
5. To write a report in the form of a Player Memo to the Unit Recorder about undesirable behavior by any player, Director, Manager or spectator.
6. To vote for the Board of Directors (ACBL Members only)

Bridge Players Responsibilities:

1. To abide by all Rules and Regulations as prescribed by the ACBL.
2. To summon a Director whenever there is an irregularity or breach of Zero Tolerance
3. To accept the Director's ruling at the time it is given. (Players may question the Director about the ruling as to the law.)
4. To be actively ethical and courteous to the Director, partner and all other players.
5. To vote for the Board of Directors (ACBL Members only).

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