Lessons still available are:


Commencing Saturday April 21 from 9:15 am to 11:15 am - Beginner Bridge - Instructors: Keran and Jim Sanders phone: 204-256-7191 or email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some comments from our last class:


“Great course. Takes you from ‘I’ve never played’ to ‘I understand the basics and can play with others.” 

“Excellent instruction. Great atmosphere for learning.”

“We’ve learned so much, can’t wait to start playing.”

“Thanks for making it a fun game."


Learn the basics of one of the world’s most challenging and enjoyable games in a relaxed and friendly class of beginners.

For people who have never encountered bridge, and those who have never studied it formally.

As you have fun, you will learn the fundamental mechanics of the game with an emphasis on bidding and playing hands. 



1.  Evaluating hands, playing hands, bridge terms, etiquette

2.  No Trump opening bids and responses

3.  Major suit opening bids and responses

4.  Minor suit opening bids and responses



Dates:   Saturday mornings, April 21 - Jun 09, 2018

Time:               9:15 to 11:15 am

Where:Bridge Manitoba, 2050 Chevrier Boulevard (Soul   



 TEXT:   Audrey Grant’s Bridge Basics 1: An introduction 

                        $15.95 Can

              Available for purchase from Vince Oddy in Ontario:

              Website: recommend you order this)


Instructors:Kerän & Jim Sanders

Cost:         $120.00 for 8 weeks. Cash or cheque (payable to Kerän Sanders). You can pay at the first class. 

To register:Call 204-256-7191, or email Kerän at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Spring is coming and with it our annual Spring Sectional.  Click here to view the event flyer.

There has been a change to ACBL membership policy that will affect non-members wishing to play in this and other ACBL sanctioned tournaments.  Players are now required to have an ACBL membership number in order to participate.  Players without a number must purchase an ACBL membership in order to get that number (this doesn't affect lapsed memberships as those numbers can still be used).  To that end, the ACBL has introduced 1 month temporary memberships for $10 CDN so that non-members will have a player number to allow them to participate.  This number can be used to play in future events even if the player decides not to renew their membership.  Click here for more information about temporary ACBL memberships.

Players purchasing a temporary membership at this tournament will receive a free game session.  Memberships also include a copy of the ACBL Bulletin.

We will no longer have a phone line ringing into the facility at Soul Sanctuary however there will still be the ability to leave messages by calling 204-231-6047 or 204-453-0708.  Here is a list of contact numbers for board members and club directors:



MARIELLE BRENTNALL     204-228-9400
DOUG FISHER     204-803-2310
SHIRLEY GALLER     204-291-6758
JOHN HINDLE     204-782-6622
BOB KUZ     204-396-3199
RAY HORNBY     204-996-0025
DELORIS ANKROM     204-795-4361
MARLENE PONTIFEX     204-470-0154
GERRI HEWITT     204-894-7249
CAROLINE DOUGLAS     204-261-9845
SEKHAR     204-930-0625
ALEXA CAMPBELL     204-489-5471
LEN DOERKSEN     204-227-0726
BILL TREBLE     204-227-4983



Doug Fisher is back and will be teaching Wednesday pre-game lessons focussing on slam bidding.  The lesson starts at 11:00 AM.  All intermediate and advancing players are encouraged to attend.

There is also a mini-lesson given by Carolyn Douglas at 11:30 for newer players.  Game time is 12:15 PM.