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The Intermediate Series

Lesson 2 – When Partner has Two Suits



Last lesson I introduced responder rebids when partner bids two suits. There is an important matter that must be addressed before we continue.

When opener’s rebid is in a minor it can be on a three card suit. How else would opener rebid over 1NT when he has ♠Axxxx ♥Kx ♦xxx ♣AQx? The best bid is 2♣. What this means to you as a responder is not to raise the minor unless you have five card support. Ok, let’s see how good you are:


Partner          You

1♣                   1♥

1♠                   ?

What do we know?

Partner has at least three clubs and four spades. He may be balanced or unbalanced; he may have a minimum or a maximum. In another words, not much!

One question: Playing a strong notrump is whether opener should rebid 1♠or 1NT with ♠Axxx ♥Kx ♦xxx ♣AQxx? I would say 1♠.



Quiz 1


1.     ♠xx ♥Ax ♦xxx ♣AQxxxx


2.     ♠xx ♥AJ10xx ♦xxx ♣KQx


3.     ♠x ♥Q109xxx ♦Qx ♣KQxx


4.     ♠AK ♥xxxxx ♦xx ♣xxxx


5.     ♠- ♥Q10xxx ♦Qxxxxxx ♣x


6.     ♠x ♥xxxx ♦Axxxxx ♣Kx


7.     ♠xx ♥Axxx ♦J10xxxx ♣x


8.     ♠xxxx ♥Axxxx ♦xx ♣AK


9.     ♠x ♥K1098x ♦AJxxx ♣Kx


10.♠xxxx ♥KJxxxx ♦xx ♣x



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