Minutes of Meetings


Present : Unit 181 Board Members: Marielle Brentnall, Doug Fisher, Shirley Galler, Barry Wolk, Keran Sanders, Dave West, Mike Shaw, Marlene Pontifex, Deloris Ankrom.

1. No new items added to the agenda
Marielle Brentnall called the meeting to order at 5.15 PM.

2. Adoption of the agenda: Moved by Doug Fisher, Seconded by Mike Shaw Carried.

3. Minutes of Meeting May 3,2016 approved as printed. Moved by Keran Sanders, Seconded Deloris Ankrom Carried

4 No Business arising from the minutes.

5. Correspondence/Presidents Report. Complaint received re conduct of a member. This is being addressed at the club level and then will be passed on to our Recorder Bob Todd if necessary.
Policy for Subsidies remains unchanged. Card Fees will be paid for qualifying members. Individual Subsidies are no longer given. This change was made at the time that Saturday Games were no longer run by Unit 181.
Motion: Pay the Unit 181 Members Card Fees if proceeding past the round robins Stage of the CNTC’s Moved by Doug Fisher, Seconded by Marlene Pontifex Carried.

6. Cell Phone Usage during Sectionals will be assessed penalties as per ACBL Policy. Pairs games full Board, Team Events 12 Imps. Unit run Facility Games will adopt this policy. First offence a Warning, Second and Subsequence Offences we will access a ½ Board for Pairs Games, 6 imps for Team Games.
Director is to announce at beginning of all games. Effective June 1, 2016
Facility Club Owners will be advised of our policy with a suggestion it might be helpful for them to implement this policy also.

7. Long Term Planning. Dave West reported he had a meeting With City of Wpg Councillor Janice lucas re South Winnipeg Recreation Campus. This is still in the planning stages and we will be updated as things progress. Post Office Building premises on Ste. Anne’s Rd will be looked at by Doug Fisher. He will report at the next meeting.

8. Social Evening held May 6, 2016 was a very successful event. 21 tables of Bridge were in play. Kudos to the Membership Committee for planning and hosting this wonderful event.

9.Duplimate Cleaning. A manual has been printed. A schedule will be printed out and with time frames for all maintenance requirements. This list will be posted by the machine and signed and dated at time of cleaning.

10. Saturday Team Games will revert to the Unit July 1, 2016. An update at next meeting.

11. The AGM Meeting May 7, 2016 had some issues that were left unresolved. Unresolved was the Election of Officers for 2016-2017. The existing elected board will remain in place. In question was the position of Club Owners being elected to the board this has been viewed as in conflict of Interest. The feeling of some of the owners is that this is not so stated in the by-laws

Motion: Create a Committee comprised of 3 Non board Members to:
1. To recommend to the Board and/or the AGM a position regarding the Club Owners participation on the Board of Directors
2. To recommend changes to the By-Laws if required
3. To develop an appropriate procedure to nominate and elect Board Members for this year and subsequently.
To be appointed to Committee
Brian Pauls
Barb Lillie
Jerry Cohen
Moved by Dave West Seconded by Doug Fisher. Carried.

Next Meeting June 7, 2016, 5.00 PM at the Facility.

To Do List
Grant Application Tourism Manitoba
Cell Phone Policy update from Club Owners
Fund Raising Bridge Week 2017
Sign off Sheet Duplimate Machine
Sign off Sheet Small Vacuum Machine
Recommendations of Committee on By-Laws
Update on Member complaint
Long Term Planning update re premises looked into
Saturday Team Game

Meeting adjourned at 7.10 PM Moved by Mike Shaw, Seconded by Deloris Ankrom Carried

Shirley Galler
Recording Secretary

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