Minutes of Meetings



In Attendance:
Elsie Ball, Marielle Brentnall, Alexa Campbell, Jane Court, Gerry Dawson, Doreen Demare, Paulette Desaulniers, Sharron Dudeck, Glen Fidler, Doug Fisher, Shirley Galler, Deborah Gnoinski, Ray Hornby, John Hindle, Anne Jenkins, Barbara Lillie, Brian Macri, Maureen Marsch, Paulette, Migie, Hellar Nakonechny, Elaine Paul, Don Pearsons, Marlene Pontifex, Carol Raizen, Keran Sanders, Jim Sanders, Ganesan Sekhar, Leigh Anne Shafer, Kathy Shefrin, Sandy Tapper, Sue Treble, Bill Treble, Marilyn Walder, Gloria Woloshyn Grant Woods, Ken Sired, Marie Hawash, Marsha Udow, Wendy Richardson, Jim Ball, Jenna Tichon, Fred, Carla Vikar, Joan Butcher, Jerry Cohen, Chris Boumford, Margaret Boumford, Jason Walpole, Gary Parker, Shirley Pearlman, Arthur Blankstein, Jack Webb, Brian Robinson, Jeff Gosman, Deloris Ankrom, Leonard Brentnall, Dave West, Joan Chason.

Meeting called to order 3:15 P. M. By President Marielle Brentnall.

Adoption of the Agenda: Moved by Marlene Pontifex, Seconded by Wendy Richardson. Carried

Minutes of last AGM May 2, 2015 were published on the Web Site. Moved by Jerry Cohen, Seconded by Jim Sanders were accepted as published. Carried.

Presidents report: Was given by Power Point. Copy has been posted to the web site and can be viewed by all members. Presidents report moved by Marielle Brentnall, Seconded by Sharon Dudeck Carried

Financial Report. Treasurer Leigh Anne Shafer presented the report..
Highlights .. That the statements show a loss for the year 2015. This was the first full year after taking on the Facility July 1, 2014 with the responsibility of the long term lease. Capital expenditures of Tables and Chairs, New Duplimate Machine, New Fridge etc were required and are reflected in the Amortization Expense Report moved by Leigh Anne Shafer, Seconded by Maureen Marsch. Carried. .

Membership Report Chair John Hindle along with his committee of Keran Sanders, Dave West, Mavis Minuk, Mavis Bollman, Maarit MacMahon Jim Sanders, stated their mandate was to build membership and bring in new people. We are now on Facebook, Produced a letter and kit for new players, Attended a Trade Show on Pembina Highway with a booth targeting 55+. Learn Bridge in a Day with Marielle Brentnall as the presenter has been held twice, very successfully, and from this another Supervised Play game on Thursday Evenings has also evolved. A Social bridge game was successfully held May 6 with 21 tables. Will attend with a booth the Senior Games in Brandon in June. John stated his committee have positive energy.
Report moved by John Hindle, Seconded Marlene Pontifex Carried. <[>Election of Officers: Wendy Richardson took the Chair. Listing of names of the members who have agreed to run was shown on Power Point
There were nominations from the floor. There was controversy re Club Owners who rent from the Facility if there was a conflict of interest in they becoming an elected member of the board. General mayhem prevailed with the following motion being made. Election of Board Members to be tabled until such time as the Current Board decides that a proper election take place. As soon as it is practical to do so Current board to remain in place until such time. Moved Jerry Cohen seconded Marilyn Walder Carried.

New Business: Thermostat policy was questioned.

181 Ace of Clubs and Mini McKenny awards. 2015 Winners

Category Ace of Clubs Mini-Mckenny
0-5 F. Mykytyshyn   G. Parker
5-20 A. Jenkins A. Jenkins
20-50 C. Boumford C. Boumford
50-100 M. Boumford M. Boumford
100-200 P. Desaulniers P. Desaulniers
200-300 A. Campbell G. Woloshyn
300-500 T. Berger H. Nakonechny
500-1000 P. Migie L. Stevens
1000-2500 G. Pippy L. Shafer
2500-5000   B. Robinson B. Robinson
5000-7500 D. Pearsons D. Fisher
7500+ B. Treble B. Treble

Meeting adjourned, at 4.15 P.M. Moved by Marlene Pontifex, Seconded Doug Fisher. Carried

Shirley Galler
Recording Secretary


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