Minutes of Meetings


In Attendance: Marielle Brentnall, Jane Court, Doreen Demare, Paulette Desaulniers, Shirley Galler, Alex Galler, Deborah Gnoinski, Ray Hornby, Anne Jenkins, Paulette Migie, Marlene Pontifex, Carol Raizen, Keran Sanders, Jim Sanders Sue Treble, Bill Treble, Gloria Woloshyn, Ken Sired, Jenna Tichon, Fred Mykytyshyn Jerry Cohen, Margaret Boumford, Gary Park, Joan Clasen, Bobby Paul, Bob Kuz, Neil Kimelman, Bobby Robinson, Terry Visentin, Ken Goodridge, Carolyn Douglas, Jan Bailey, Jack Bailey, Gerry Hewitt, Mavis Bollman, Mike Gillis.

Meeting called to order by President Marielle Brentnall at 3.35 PM
Stated purpose of meeting was to elect Unit 181 Board Members for year 2016.This arose from a motion at the Annual Meeting held May 7, 2016.
Adoption of the Agenda: Moved by Carolyn Douglas, Seconded by Fred Mykytyshyn. Carried
Nomination committee was composed of Shirley Galler and Doug Fisher. Shirley Galler reported that the original slate of
Deloris Ankrom
Marielle Brentnall
Doug Fisher
Shirley Galler
John Hindle
Ray Hornby
Bob Kuz
Marlene Pontifex

Keran Sanders
Leigh Anne Shafer
Mike Shaw
Dave West

There was one new nomination Joan Clasen.
Mike Shaw withdrew his name.
There for the slate of 12 names above are running for the 12 positions available
Shirley stated the Mike Shaw had been a valued member of the board, had handled all the web site postings and weekly newsletters. He deserved a round of thanks for his past service.

Nomination Committee report moved by Shirley Galler, seconded Bob Kuz Carried.

Jerry Cohen then took the Chair.
Stated that from the last Annual Meeting a committee of Barb Lillie, Brian Pauls and Jerry Cohen were convened with the mandate of recommending election procedures for the Annual General Meeting. These procedures have been adopted by the board. Role of Club Owners was addressed. The board will consist of 12 elected positions, and the Club Owners are invited to attend the meetings, If conflicts occur during these meetings Club Owners will be expected to recluse themselves. Meeting agendas should have any of these items placed first or last to ensure an easy flow of the meetings.
Possibly there will need to be an amendment to the By Laws to conform to these new conditions.
Slate of officers as previously presented be accepted. Moved by Carol Raizen, Seconded by Gerrie Hewitt. Carried.

Marielle Brentnall took the Chair.
Welcomed the new Board Members. Gave her thanks to outgoing Board Members Paulette Migie, and Mike Shaw. Stated both were valued members and will be missed. Paulette acted as Second Vice President and looked after special events, Tournaments etc. Mike as previously stated looked after communications and Web Site postings. Kudos to both of them.

Meeting adjourned at 3.50 PM Moved by Jim Sanders Seconded by Jane court Carried.

Shirley Galler
Recording Secretary

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