Minutes of Meetings

UNIT 181
MINUTES OF MEETING December 11 2013

Present: Doug Fisher, Barry Wolk, Marielle Brentnall, Shirley Galler, Mike Shaw, Jerry Cohen, Len Doerksen, Deloris Ankrom.

Meeting called to order 5.45 PM

1. New items added to the agenda
North American Nationals in Winnipeg.
Novice Games.
CNTC 2017

2. Minutes of meeting Oct 24, 2013. Accepted as printed. Moved Shirley Galler, Seconded Len Doerksen. Carried.

3. November Sectional Report: With a profit of $500.00. Table counts for pairs was down. 15 teams in Knockouts, 3 brackets. Table counts were down. The program change eliminating the 199 games was not successful. This event will be reinstated in the ensuing tournaments.
ACBL regulations are to be enforced. 2 properly filled out convention cards are a must. A complaint was filed at the last tournament with non compliance with this regulation.

4. Website. New format very well received. Club results are easier to access. Tournaments to be published well in advance. Calendar is not yet in effect..

5. NAP Winnipeg fielded 5 tables in each event. Unit 181 strongly recommends that A&C should be held on the same day and a separate day for the B event. This will provided cross over's B-A, C-B. It is strongly recommended that a telethon publishing this event should be utilized. A telethon should be used to promote interest in the final. Qualifying games are to be advertised, and also promoted. A suggestion that an article be published, wit an interview of someone who has won this event and gone on to the Nationals.

6. CNTC Unit Final, was deemed to be unorganized. Format needs to be clear to all players. Conditions of Contest should be published on the Web Site. Game time to be published. Pre registration required. The number of teams in play, the number of boards to be played

7. Special Events to be on next meeting agenda.

8. Saturday Teams. This Saturday will be Dave Brough's Challenge Pairs game. Saturday Teams will continue the following week, with Doug Fisher giving a presentation.

9. CNTC Unit 181 will host Bridge Week in 2017. Chairs will be appointed shortly, fund raisers will be required. A suggestion was that silent auctions should be introduced at our next tournaments. This will be on our next agenda.

10. Novice Games. Barry Pask forwarded a letter to Doug Fisher. RE: Ambassador Club games advertised on our web site as novice, and Sanctioned at the ACBL as an open game. Doug will address.

11. Mentoring has had positive feed back. Will be added to our next agenda.

Date of next meeting Feb 13, 2014 Tuxedo Bridge Studio 5.30 PM.

Meeting adjourned 6.45 PM Moved Mike Shaw, Seconded Marielle Brentnall.

Shirley Galler
Recording Secretary

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