Minutes of Meetings

UNIT 181

Present : Doug Fisher, Barry Wolk, Marielle Brentnall, Shirley Galler, Len Doerksen, Carolyn Douglas, Marlene Pontifex, Bill Treble.

Meeting called to order 5.35 P.M.

1. Minutes of meeting Dec 11, 2013. Accepted as printed. Moved Shirley Galler, Seconded. Carolyn Douglas Carried.

2. Mentoring deferred to next meeting. Ray Hornby is encouraging members to find their own mentors.

3. January Sectional Loss of $239.00, November Sectional Profit of $600.00. Note our table counts at both these Tournaments were pathetic.

4. April Regional update: A new schedule was required and Marlene complied.
Phone blitz is required to ensure all members understand the regional concept, and that all players are contacted. Will request additional info from the members contacted, including e-mail addresses so web site can be update

5. Special Events next meeting 2014 events, Teams, NAOP etc will be addressed.

6. Bill Treble spoke on the subject of both pair members having 2 Convention Cards completely filled out at all events. There was a problem at the Nov Sectional where in the KO's this was not complied with. Unit 181 agree this is an ACBL requirement and we will so announce at our Tournaments. It was also stated that all Club Games should have the same requirement. It was noted that we are aware this is not always enforced at the club level and it was suggested that Club Managers should make an effort.
It was noted at the National Levels a 1/6 bd penalty would be enforced.

Date of next meeting Apr 10, 2014 Tuxedo Bridge Studio 5.30 PM.

Meeting adjourned 6.45 PM Moved Carolyn Douglas, Seconded Len Doerksen.

Shirley Galler
Recording Secretary

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