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In Attendance:  Doug Fisher, Shirley Galler, Ray Hornby, Jenna Tichon, Freddie Mykytyshyn, Brian Robinson, Marsha Kimelman, Gim Ong, Dave West, Suzanne McCarthy, Bill Treble, Marielle Brentnall. Alex Galler, Kevin Tomanek, Gerry Dawson, Jeff Gosman, Sekhar, Luba Gilles, Gisele Girardin, John Lamarche, Maureen Lelond, Bob Kuz, Gloria Woloshyn, Carolyn Derksen, Wayne Walker, Gerri Hewitt, Len Doerksen, George Pasieka.


Meeting called to order 11.00 AM by President Ray Hornby


Minutes of last AGM June 11, 2022 were published on the Web Site. Moved by Jeff Gosman, seconded by Dave West were accepted as published. Carried.


President’s report:  President Ray Hornby gave a verbal report:  Stated he took over from Doug Fisher who had served as President during the Covid Years. 2022 was still under covid protocols, but restarted Face to Face Bridge in the early spring. A Sectional Tournament was successfully held in October this was well attended well received and all were happy to be back at the table. Gave an updated report on current 2023 events, a Sectional Tournament was held in April 2023. That we are planning to hold a Regional Tournament Fall of 2024 this will avail our members the opportunity of attaining gold points without having to travel.   At this time our rep to CBF Freddie stated they had a list of Directors that they approved to run Regional Tournaments. Our games are now on the way to becoming normal, Ray stated to whatever the new normal is, we still enjoy a break on the Rental Contract in place with Soul Sanctuary.  He thanked outgoing board members Doug Fisher for all his service especially during the Covid Years. Gerri Hewitt for her contributions and stated she will continue to run the Mentorship program.  He also thanked Jeff Gosman for his contributions by running a Supervised Play game Tuesday evening, this has resulted in players also attending our Face-to-Face games. Thanked Paulette Desaulniers for

her contributions to organizing Special Events and Tournaments.


Financial Report. Ray Hornby presented Financial statements for the year 2022 stated the Virtual Games held in the early months broke even, Face to Face games were sparsely attended at the start. We ended the year in a small loss position. Stated he predicts a break even for 2023. GST has been discontinued as our income has been reduced and we are no longer required to file this results in a saving to the Unit. A question was posed from the floor re the April 2023 Sectional, Ray stated this resulted in a profit. He continued to state re tournaments we had raised the card fees to reflect rising costs and to be more in line with the rest of ACBL tournaments.

Report moved by Ray Hornby, seconded by Freddie Mykytyshyn Carried.


Membership Report.  Shirley Galler presented a report, stating the year from June1, 2022 to June 1, 2023, we gained a total of 22 new member and sadly 8 of our member were deceased. This netted us 14.  The ACBL have  members are divided into two categories Life Master the Non-Life  Master  currently our ratio are 60% Non – 40% Life. This is great for building our membership Stated we are back to Face to Face Games, having tournaments and are re instating our mentorship program


Ray then presented the 2022Mini MCKenny Medals and the Ace of Clubs awards to the winners.


Election of Board of Directors Officers for the year 2023


The Unit 181 Bylaws state there can be 6-12 members serving on the Board of Directors

Currently 9 have agreed to serve

Board Members can be installed at any time during the year.  If interested, please contact one of the active board members for information


2023 List in alphabetical order


Deloris Ankrom

Marielle Brentnall

Shirley Galler

Ray Hornby

Marsha Kimelman

Bob Neudorf

Kevin Tomanek

Dave West

Gloria Woloshyn


Moved by Freddie Myktyshyn, Seconded Jeff Gosman Carried


Other business:

Freddie requested the board consider a policy for a small honorarium to entice more participation in the annual CBF Canadian Team Championship He stated the B and C events are sparsely represented and wanted us to promote this event. This will be addressed at a subsequent board meeting.

Meeting adjourned, at 11.39 A.M. Moved by Jeff Gosman, Seconded Bob Kuz. Carried


Shirley Galler



A lunch of Sandwiches, Bagged Potato Chips, Tim Bits and Water or Pop was served. 


8 Teams participated in the Club Championship Game



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