Minutes of Meetings




Present: Unit 181 Board Members: Shirley Galler, Deloris Ankrom, Ray Hornby, Dave West, Marsha Kimelman,
Bob Neudorf
Regrets: Marielle Brentnall, Kevin Tomanek, Gloria Woloshyn
Also in Attendance: Bill Treble
Meeting held via Zoom: President Ray Hornby called to order at 4:04 PM
1. Minutes of Meeting August 14, 2023, approved as posted. Moved by Dave West, seconded by Deloris
Ankrom. Carried
2. Financial Report: Bob Neudorf will have an up to date statement next meeting
3. Mentoring: Gloria Woloshyn will take over as Chair for this program. Thanks to Gerri Hewitt for all her past
endeavours as Chair.
4. Supervised Play started September 5,2023. 8 tables currently participating.
5. Sectional October 13-14, 2023. Telephone Blitz currently underway to promote tournament.
6. Regional 2024: Dates set September 25-28, 2024. Dates have been confirmed.
7. Learn How to Play Bridge next session September 30, 2023, registrations now being accepted. Marielle led
a Learn How to Bridge Day in Lac Du Bonnet Sept 16
8. Lessons: Beginner starts Oct 14, Bill is currently holding lessons.
9. New 199 game to begin on Thursday evenings
10. Discussions at next meeting re alternative premises. A Working Group will be set up
11. Wednesday, October 25 2023 Instant Match Point Game 12:15. This is a special game played across the
ACBL. Game time 12:15
12. Next meeting October 23, 2023, 4:00 PM via Zoom
13. Meeting adjourned 5:30 PM, moved by Dave West, seconded by Deloris Ankrom
Shirley Galler, Secretary




































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