Minutes of Meetings

APRIL 10, 2014

Present: Doug Fisher, Shirley Galler, Gerri Hewitt, Barry Wolk, Ray Hornby, Marielle Brentnall Carolyn Douglas, Marlene Pontifex, Deloris Ankrom.

New Items to be added: New office equipment, Regional 2016

Amendment to March 6, 2014 Minutes - that the printed date of December 11, 2013, be changed to March 6, 2014.

Motion: moved by Shirley Galler, that the minutes be adopted as amended, seconded by Deloris Ankrom. Carried.

Mentor’s report: Ray reported the mentoring program is going well. Some people are arranging their own mentor/mentorship partnerships and it is working well. Coupons will be issued shortly.

Saturday Team game: The lesson before the team game is working well and the team games are going well. There will not be a team game over the long weekend. There will be another team game the next weekend, May24th, and then the next team game will be held on May 31st, followed by the Annual General Meeting. That will be the last team game until the fall. The Mini McKenny and Ace of Clubs awards will be presented at the meeting and Shirley will send out invitations to those who have won these awards.

April Regional: Marlene reported. Phone calls were made to people in the “Blue Book” with some success. Marlene had several good ideas for entertainment during the tournament, e.g. “gold” coins, etc. Caddies were discussed. Marlene has a few people who she will be able to call on. Sanction fees have been increased but no director fee increase. Marielle will look into the foreign exchange regarding paying Mike Flader, the director. People who have never been ACBL members will not be charged the extra $4.00 that is listed on the program.

Special Events: Marlene reported. She is looking at dates for the Nationals in 2016, possibly the first week in May. The September Sectional will be held from September 18th to 21st. Paulette Migie will work on the “Blue Book”. Belva Gutkin and Penny Hyman and Lee Marion may be hosts for the September tournament. Marielle distributed the spreadsheet for the subsidy for Bridge Week. Discussion followed.

Motion: moved by Shirley, that the sum of $2,000 be the amount allotted for the subsidies, seconded by Ray Hornby. Carried.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on May 31st after the team game.

Office Equipment: The Unit owns the Duplimate machine and the Bridge Mates and helped towards the purchase of the printer. Discussion followed regarding who pays for the cost of repairs. The Duplimate needs to be maintained and cleaned. Shirley will call the Duplimate Company and have it cleaned before the tournament.

Discussion was held regarding recruiting members for the Board for next year. Shirley will be in contact with the members and prospective members.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, May 22, 2014.

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