Minutes of Meetings

May 22, 2014

Present: Doug Fisher, Shirley Galler, Gerri Hewitt, Barry Wolk, Ray Hornby, Marielle Brentnall Carolyn Douglas, Marlene Pontifex, JerryCohen, Neil Kimelman, Bill Treble, Deloris Ankrom.

New Items to be added: CBF, CNTC 2017, Tuxedo Bridge Club, letter received from Barbara Thomasson

Amendment to April 10, 2014 Minutes - that the word “Nationals” be changed to “Regional”.

Motion: moved by Shirley Galler, that the minutes be adopted as amended, seconded by Carolyn Douglas. Carried.

The schedule for May 31st Annual General Meeting will be a lesson, given by Doug Fisher, starting at 11:15, Annual General Meeting 12-12:30, lunch, team game.

April Regional: Marielle reported. The financial statements were distributed. Discussion followed. There was a net loss of $224.50, including the district fees Overall it was much better than the last regional. The directing costs were slightly less. Hospitality was considerably less, probably due to coffee not being served in the morning. The rent was higher. The table counts varied. overall 417 this year and 430 last time. Barry is to check on three session KO events.

Special Events: Marlene read a report prepared by herself and Gerri Hewitt. regarding the Regional. Discussion followed. The noise level was discussed. Neil discussed the problems with timing regarding Bridge Week. He will try to get dates for future events. Behaviour of players was discussed. Behavior of some of our players may discourage some out of town players from coming to our tournaments. Marlene will check for dates for the future tournaments. Assiniboia Downs was suggested as a possibility for some future tournament. The tournament dates will be discussed further at future meetings.

Doug Fisher will thank Barbara Thomasson for her complimentary letter written to the Unit regarding the tournament.

Marlene read a letter with suggestions regarding the formatting that is used. Ray had suggestions regarding the travel subsidy that is given out and perhaps this should be discussed at later meetings

Bill questioned the future of the Grand Nationals teams being held on line in the future. Unit 181 would like to see the GNT return to an online final so that players from the district outside Toronto have a chance to participate.

Tuxedo Bridge Studio: Discussion was held regarding the future of the club. It was decided that Marielle, Jerry and Doug would meet formally with Len to discuss this with him.

The District meeting highlights will be discussed at a later date.

Neil Kimelman distributed and discussed a report on the Canadian Bridge Championships Site Guidelines which included site requirements and contractual agreements. Neil discussed membership from the Board of Directors. They now have a major sponsor which will result in changes in the CBF. Neil is going to be vice president of the Board of Directors.

Doug raised the question of fund raising for the 2017 CNTCs and a poker game was discussed as a possibility. Doug will look into this further.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on May 31, 2014.

The meeting was adjourned at 7 p.m.

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