Minutes of Meetings


In Attendance:
Deloris Ankrom, Gail Arnott, Elsie Ball, Marielle Brentnall, Dave Brough, Tom Berger, Jim Ball, Lorraine Boisvert, Bernia Brandstaedter, Alexa Campbell, Helen Currie. Jane Court, Paulette Desaulnier, Len Doerksen, Carolyn Douglas, Glen Fidler, Doug Fisher, Alex Galler, Shirley Galler, Deborah Gnoinski, Jeff Gosman, Sharon Gray, Clarence Guth, Betty Hays, Jean Hess, Gerri Hewitt, June Hewitt, Ray Hornby, Penny Hyman, Adrian Jackson, Neil Kimelman, George Lee, Barbara Lillie, Berith Mackenzie, Pearl McGonigal Sam McLean, Paulette, Migie, Sandra Moore, Bob Neudorf, Louise Paquette, Barry Pask, Sylvia Philipps, Marlene Pontifex, Carol Raizen, Morris Raizen, Wendy Richardson, Bob Robinson, Lorraine Serlin, Sekhar, Leigh Anne Shafer, Cal Shell, Janie Shnier, John Sidlowich, Donni Stern, Joe Tharayil, Jenna Tichon, Bob Todd, Waclaw Trebacz, Sue Treble, Bill Treble, Sandy Tapper, Terry Visentin, Jack Webb, Margaret Wilson, Vicky Wilson, Gloria Woloshyn

Meeting called to order 12:15 P. M. By President Doug Fisher.

Minutes of last AGM May 4, 2013 were distributed. Moved by Jeff Gosman, Seconded by Gerri Hewitt were accepted as printed. Carried.

Presidents report:
Doug thanked the 2013 Board Members for their work for the Unit. Special mention of the 3 outgoing members, Jerry Cohen, Carolyn Douglas and Neil Kimelman.
April 2014 Regional was considered a success. Due to conflicting bridge events it was deemed that our semi annual regional should be moved to the fall. 2016 will be the first one. Mike Flader the head Director at the regional made a comment about the rudeness of our players. Mike was referring to players showing little respect for other players still playing, talking loudly while comparing results. Unit 181 embraces Zero Tolerance and this is considered a breach, and takes away enjoyment of the game.
Doug requested that we should all adhere to the Zero Tolerance Rules.

Report Moved by Doug Fisher, Seconded Shirley Galler. Carried.

Financial Report. Treasurer Marielle Brentnall presented the report which was attached to AGM minutes of 2013.
Highlights while the statements show a loss for the year it was a paper loss only as the third and final year of amortization of the equipment purchased in 2011 was used.
Website was updated, our tournaments are back in line financially and table counts.
Saturday teams have been well received and are contributing to our revenues.

Report moved by Marielle Brentnall, Seconded by June Hewitt. Carried.

Membership Report Chair Shirley Galler gave a brief recap. Membership at May 1 2014 is 428. 2013-440, 2012- 448.
We are recruiting new members, but sadly we are losing members to death and illness at an alarming rate. Example in the first 5 months of this year 8 members were deceased.
Question from the floor were received. Re teaching in Schools. There are several volunteers doing this. These are Grades 4-6. University classes offered at the U of W were not filled.

Report moved by Shirley Galler, Seconded Carolyn Douglas. Carried.

Election of Officers:
Bob Todd took the Chair. Listed the following members who have agreed to run for the 2014 Board.
Deloris Ankrom, Marielle Brentnall, Len Doerksen, Doug Fisher, Shirley Galler, Gerri Hewitt, John Hindle, Ray Hornby, Paulette Migie, Marlene Pontifex, Mike Shaw, Bill Treble.
No nominations from the floor.
Nominations Declared Closed.

There were questions now from the floor.
Blue Book suggested that we dispense with publishing a new book. Put all info on the Web Site.
Questions raised about whether this would be a dis-service to our members, would the info be secure? The new board will take these suggestions under advisement.

Tuxedo Bridge Studio. Owner Len Doerksen made an announcement that he would be closing the doors on June 30, 2014. This is after 21 years of running Tuxedo at several locations. Thanked everyone for all the support he had received. Stated it had been a great time, and a fun ride. Len will run a few games but could not possibly continue here.

Doug announced this item will be on the agenda of the first meeting of the new board June 5.
Neil Kimelman announced he enjoyed his time on the Unit Board and encouraged the membership to volunteer to assist the board members on committees, etc. He is now the Vice President of the CBF.
Neil presented a list of Zone 4 Mini- Richmond 2013 winners to be presented by Doug Fisher along with Unit 181 Ace of Clubs and Mini McKenny awards.


2013 Winners
Category Ace of Clubs Mini-Mckenny Mini-Richmond
0-5 P. Desailniers P. Desailniers
5-20 S. Mclean S. Mclean
20-50 S. Sanderson S. Sanderson
50-100 J. Gosman J. Gosman J. Gosman
100-200 T. Berger T. Berger G. Hewitt
200-300 M. Halper H. Nakonechny
300-500 P. Migie C. Douglas
500-1000 J. Tichon J. Tichon J. Tichon
1000-2500 E. Ball R. Hornby R. Hornby
2500-5000 B. Robinson M. Brentnall
5000-7500 D. Pearsons D. Pearsons
7500+ B. Treble B. Treble

Meeting adjourned, at 1.00 P.M. Moved by Morris Raizen, Seconded by Deloris Ankrom. Carried

Shirley Galler
Recording Secretary

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