Minutes of Meetings

Board Meeting
Unit 181 Manitoba Contract Bridge League
June 19, 2014

Present: Doug Fisher, Marielle Brentnall, Bill Treble, Barry Wolk, Paulette Migie, John Hindle, Ray Hornby, Marlene Pontifex, Gerri Hewitt, Len Doerksen, Mike Shaw, Carolyn Douglas, Debbie Gnoinski, Lorraine Serlin, Andrew Petrick, Sekhar, Bernia Brandstaedter, Robert Stevenson, Jerry Cohen, Louise Paquette, Sheila Portnoy, Ray Van Cauwenberghe

Regrets Shirley Galler, Deloris Ankrom

New item added to agenda
Tournament chair needed and tournament update.
Motion: moved by Gerri Hewitt seconded by Marlene Pontifex that the minutes of the June 5, 2014 as printed be adopted. Carried.

Paulette Migie volunteered to assume the position of Tournament Chairperson.

Marlene Pontifex reported that sanction for the November Tournament has not been obtained as date has not been set. Date set for November 13/16, 2014.

Lengthy discussion followed regarding Unit options for both temporary and long term playing sites. Marielle Brentnall reviewed the results of the locations that had been seen and none had met all three of our needs that being price, square footage and parking. Doug Fisher will look into Assiniboina Downs and John Hindle will look further into using Winnipeg South Technical School for tournaments. Sir John Franklin community club is a possible long term venue once their renovations are completed this fall.

Motion: moved that a subcommittee be established to negotiate with Winnipeg South Technical School for sectionals and to continue discussion with St. John Franklin community club or other alternatives for both short and long term use, seconded by Marlene Pontifex. Carried

Bill Treble and Len Doerksen abstained John Hindle will chair and committee members are Jerry Cohen, Marielle Brentnall Mike Shaw and Gerri Hewitt

Next meeting of the Board will be held on July 24th, 2014
Location: 625 Marian Street ( Marielle's office - Telecom Options)

Moved by Gerri Hewitt that we adjourned second by Marlene Pontifex 7 p.m.

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