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Present : Doug Fisher, Barry Wolk, Marielle Brentnall, Shirley Galler, Len Doerksen, Carolyn Douglas, Marlene Pontifex, Bill Treble, Debbie Gnoinski, Jerry Cohen, Paulette Migie, John Hindle, Gerri Hewitt, Mike Shaw.

Meeting called to order 5.30 P.M.
Meeting called to order by President Doug Fisher. Purpose of this special meeting was for updates on the progress in the lease of the premises of the former Tuxedo Bridge Studio by Unit 181.

A committee of Doug Fisher, Marielle Brentnall and Jerry Cohen , John Hindle was formed to research this matter.

Doug then called on Jerry Cohen a former board member of Unit 181, to speak to the board.
Jerry started by saying this is a historic time for our unit, and he is happy to stay involved. Their opinion is that the best thing for Bridge is to stay here. With this in mind negotiations were commenced with Mings. A 5 year lease was requested but Mr. Ming would only go for a 3 year lease. Cost of lease will be $5,410.00 per month. Utilities will run $200.00-$300.00 per month. They were able to negotiate a one time reduction of the first months rent by $1500.00. The third year the rent will increase by $1.00 per square foot. This was felt by the Committee as the final offer that Mr. Ming would take.

It was stated that Bill and Sue Treble will move their games to these premises as will George Lee. Lorraine Serlin and Len Doerksen will remain. The Unit will run the Wed. Fri and Sun Afternoon games. Bill will take over the Sat team Game, expecting to start July 6, and run all year round.

New format will be:
Sunday Afternoon Unit
Monday Afternoon Len
Tuesday Afternoon Sue
Tuesday Evening George
Wednesday Afternoon Unit
Wednesday Evening Bill
Thursday Afternoon Lorraine
Friday Afternoon Unit
Saturday Afternoon Bill

The Unit games will be run by paid directors at $8.00 per table minimum of $50.00
All other clubs will be charged $10.00 per table.
Sectionals will continue to be run at this studio, contributing $1500.00 per Tournament.

Marielle produced a projected budget:

Revenue $78,600.00

Expenses Rent $65,000.00
Utilities 2,400.00
Tele/Internet 1,200.00
Insurance 500.00
BusTax 2,000.00
Total Expense 71,500.00
Net Income $7,100.00

Budget is deemed to be realistic.
All other dates are available to be used, and Marielle is forming a committee to oversee this.

Motion: Moved by Shirley Galler Seconded by Mike Shaw that we ratify a 3 year lease with Ming at $5,410.00 per month. First 2 months Totalling $3,370.00 be paid to Mr. Ming. Carried. (Unanimously).

Working out the charges to clubs for use of Unit Equipment and supplies will be handled by Marielle’s committee.

There was discussion on the tight numbers in the annual budget which did not allow much in the way of funds to upgrade premises new duplimate machine etc. This will also be placed in the hands of the committee to come up with a solution. One thing we are doing is applying to New Horizon’s for a grant.
The emphasis will be to create a positive attitude to Bridge in our unit, and we will all work to achieve this.
We now have a home for Bridge.
Doug thanked Jerry, John and Marielle for their work on this.

Motion: Moved by Gerri Hewitt, Seconded by Marlene Pontifex That a sum of $5,000.00 be paid to Len Doerksen to purchase all negotiated items of the assets of the Tuxedo Bridge Studio. Carried. (Unanimously)

Motion: Moved by Marielle Brentnall, Seconded by John Hindle that any 2 of the 4 positions, of President, 1st Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer be signatories on behalf of the board, after such contracts have been ratified by the Board. Carried (Unanimously)

The by laws of Unit 181 call for a 2nd Vice President to be appointed.

Motion: Moved by Marlene Pontifex, Seconded by Marielle Brentnall that Paulette Migie be appointed 2nd Vice President. Carried (Unanimously)

Motion: Moved by Marielle Brentnall, Seconded by Mike Shaw Unit 181 ratifies the existing signing authorities, on our Banking Resolution and add a 4th, Marlene Pontifex to Doug Fisher, Marielle Brentnall, Deloris Ankrom. Any 2 of the 4. Carried (Unanimously)

Doug thanked the board, and stated WE WILL MAKE IT WORK.

Meeting adjourned, 7.00 PM. Moved by Shirley Galler, Seconded by Paulette Migie. Carried (Unanimously).

Shirley Galler
Recording Secretary

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