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Larry Leroy Shafer: February 7, 1934 - July 12, 2019

Larry Leroy Shafer died at 11:25 a.m. Friday, July 12, at the age of 85. In his last days, he was surrounded by his children (Michael, Todd and Leigh Anne), his grandchildren (Jennifer and Daniel), his amazing friend of over 50 years, (Mary), and the second big love of his life, (Dorothy). He was not alone and felt love and peace.

Dad was born into the life of an underdog, moving from foster home to foster home. From these beginnings, he worked his way through law school, and, as a lawyer, his greatest pride and joy came when he was able to help the underdogs — he helped many individuals who were being unlawfully taken advantage of by powerful corporations. He was instrumental in establishing legal aid in Washington state. He worked tirelessly to stop the Seattle Pike Place Market from being destroyed by condominium developers. On the day that bulldozers arrived to begin their work, the document finally came through, declaring the Pike Place Market as a historic landmark that could never be taken down. Dad took that notice to the foreman, stating, “Stop the bulldozers, sir.”

Angels had given dad a beautiful voice and he shared it with the world. In his retirement, he took up singing on stage. He loved Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, and we loved listening to him sing.

Dad, may you keep part of your heart here on Earth with your children, grandchildren and Dorothy, and take the rest with you to join mom. Rest in peace.

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